My learning diary

New Theme

Hello to my new theme! Indeed’s “You Day” was yesterday, and I spent the day redesigning this site. I’m very pleased with the result. I was able to follow my hand-drawn wireframe to produce this theme. While this is a simple theme, I made sure to consider these things:

  1. Little clutter
  2. Consistent margin between sections. The margin was 2rem between sections and 1rem between post metadata and content.
  3. Only 3 font sizes (Foundation’s h1, h3 and h5)
  4. Only 3 colours (background colour: #F5F5F5, font colour: #333333 and dark turquoise: #26867C)
  5. Reduction of eye strain with lower contrast of colours
  6. Colour-blind friendly

Through this experience, I gained more exposure to Hugo and Foundation. There are still some features which I like from the previous theme but are still absent in this theme:

  1. Relevant posts in single post view (list x posts with at least one same tag and reverse-sort by publish date)

And there are features which I thought of and want to put in place:

  1. List of tags (word cloud?)
  2. Archive posts by month and year
  3. Making stuff more configurable (see the TODO comments all over the theme’s codebase)