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Reaping the Benefits

Section 3: “Reaping the Benefits”

This section connects better listening and information management to better decision-making and benefits that can span entire organisations.

Chapter 12: “Connecting Better Listening to Better Judgment

Learning from others and constantly reconstructing ideas leads to discoveries and insights.

Chapter 13: “Changing Your Organisation through Listening”

  • “Foster a more disciplined and productive organisation.”
    • The example raised was the organisation of organisation-wide meetings. In these meetings, speakers need to be well-prepared and adhere to strict requirements.
  • “Ensure the free and open flow of information and ideas.”
    • Show appreciation and address CP’s concerns.
  • “Establish a reverence for fact-based discussions.”
    • Challenge assumptions.
  • “Generate more insights and more creative solutions.”
    • The example raised was organising productive rivalry within the organisation.
  • “Build an organisation that excites and energises its people.”

Conclusion: “What to Do on Monday Morning”

  1. “Keep quiet.”
  2. “Challenge assumptions.”
  3. “Focus on what you need to know.”
  4. “Increase your tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty.”
  5. “Sort incoming information.”
  6. “Work your memory to gain insights.”
  7. “Know when to pull the trigger.”
  8. “Demonstrate the best listening practice to lift everyone’s game.”

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