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Fixing a11y

I thought I’d need to jump through many hoops to resolve an a11y issue in this site. Today, I realised I didn’t need to.

From my previous Lighthouse reports,

Heading elements are not in a sequentially-descending order

had been a thorn in the flesh. I didn’t want to override the original styles of the headers. But I wanted my h2 to look like h3. I wanted my h3 to look like h5. And I wanted some p to look like h5.

To make a header look like another, do something like:

<!-- Typescale -->
<h2 class="h3">Hello, I'm Jiayee.</h2>

To make a paragraph larger, do:

<!-- Lead Paragraph -->
<p class="lead">{{ .Site.Params.subtitle }}</p>

For more information, check out Foundation’s docs.

Lighthouse report for desktop

Making everything 100 and doing the manual checks are next!

P.S. If you need to include raw HTML in a Markdown file in Hugo, remember to enable it in config.toml:

    unsafe = true

Otherwise, your element won’t appear and you’ll see:

<!-- raw HTML omitted -->

when you inspect your HTML elements (Cmd + Opt + I).

Raw HTML getting omitted in 0.60.0

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